Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1970, The (vols. 1-3)


These messages were spoken in 1970 and are combined into a three-volume hardbound set. Many of these messages include existing publications as well as previously unpublished material.

Below is a list of many of the different section titles.

The * refer to previously unpublished titles.

Volume One

  • Fulfillment of God's Purpose by the Growth of Christ in Us, The
  • Fellowship on Migration
  • Bearing Fruit for the Manifestation of the Triune God and Standing Against the Opposition of the Religious World *
  • Abiding in the Anointing *
  • Fulfilling God's Purpose by Growing in Life and Functioning in Life to Build up the Church *
  • Enjoyment of Christ in Our Spirit for the Building up of the Church as Revealed in the Gospel of Matthew, The *
  • New Testament Service, The
  • Way to Grow in Life, The *
  • Crucial Points Concerning Christ, the Church, and the Two Spirits in John's Gospel and Revelation *
  • Basic Lessons Concerning the New Testament Service *
  • Spirit and the Church, The *

Volume Two

  • Christ versus Religion
  • Experiencing the Divine Spirit in our Human Spirit for the Building up of the Church as the Body of Christ *
  • Lord's Recovery of the Sevenfold Spirit and the Unique Ground of Oneness for the Local Churches, The *
  • Drinking the All-Inclusive Spirit for the Practice of the Church Life and the Central Work of God *
  • Spirit and the Lord's Recovery, The *
  • Two Greatest Prayers of the Apostle Paul, The
  • Lord's Recovery of the Church and the Strengthening and Release of the Inner Man, The *
  • Worshipping God with the Worship that He Seeks *
  • Taking Christ as Our Person for the Church and Woshipping the Father in Spirit and Truthfulness *
  • Human Spirit and the Church, The *

Volume Three

  • Church Life in Spirit and Truthfulness, The *
  • Proper Attitude When Facing Turmoils, The *
  • Concerning the Person of Christ *
  • Concerning the Triune God—the Father, The Son, and the Spirit *
  • Being Delivered from Religious Rituals and Walking according to the Spirit
  • Ministry of the New Covenant and the Spirit, The *
  • Taking Christ as Our Person for the Church Life *
  • Explanation of a Few Truths, An *

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