On the Table of Thy Love (Music CD)


Hymns of Life and Truth

Living Stream Ministry has published the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee for more than thirty years in the United States, but until now the treasures in their ministry have not been broadly released through their hymns. Hymns of Life and Truth is a collection of hymns by Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and others—fitting for every lover and seeker of the Lord Jesus Christ to uplift their appreciation of Him. Charles Wesley said, "The theology people believe is the theology they sing." May the truth in these hymns encourage all believers to pursue after Christ and to gain Him.


1. Why Should I Worry, Doubt and Fear? Watchman Nee S. Chandler
2. On the Table of Thy Love Witness Lee Ira D. Sankey
3. O How Deep and How Far-reaching Witness Lee Thomas John Williams
4. Lord Jesus, Are We One with Thee? James G. Deck James Walch
5. Lord, Thou Art the Lovely Bridegroom Witness Lee John B. Dykes
6. O What a Miracle, My Lord Witness Lee From Psalmodia
Evangelica, 1789
7. Thou, Lord, to God Art Precious Witness Lee Arr. from Chretien
by Edward F. Rimbault
8. When on Thy Table, Lord We Gaze Witness Lee Anon.
9. Through the Bread and Cup, Lord Jesus Witness Lee Herbert H. Booth
10. There Is Always Something Over M.E. Barber, Adapted Robert Lowry
11. My King Will Soon Come Back Again Watchman Nee Richard S. Willis
12. We Bow and Worship, Father, Here Witness Lee William Knapp

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