Name of Jesus Is Our Stand, The (Music CD)


Hymns of Life and Truth

Living Stream Ministry has published the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee for more than thirty years in the United States, but until now the treasures in their ministry have not been broadly released through their hymns. Hymns of Life and Truth is a collection of hymns by Watchman Nee, Witness Lee, and others—fitting for every lover and seeker of the Lord Jesus Christ to uplift their appreciation of Him. Charles Wesley said, "The theology people believe is the theology they sing." May the truth in these hymns encourage all believers to pursue after Christ and to gain Him.


1. O God, Thou Art the Source of Life Witness Lee C. Hutcheson
2. The Name of Jesus Is Our Stand Watchman Nee James McGranahan
3. Lord, Thy Name Is Called Jesus Witness Lee Joseph P. Holbrook
4. God's Christ, Who Is My Righteousness Nicolaus L. Zinzendorf Ludwig Van Beethoven
5. Praise Him! Praise Him! Christ is Victor! Witness Lee Henry T. Smart
6. O Lord, Thou Art in Me as Life Witness Lee George F. Root
7. Through the Cross, O Lord, I Pray Watchman Nee Margaret M. Simpson
8. How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds John Newton J.C. Lowry
9. Earthen Vessel I Was Made Witness Lee Anonymous
10. O the Riches of My Savior Witness Lee John R. Sweney
11. Glorious, Mighty Name of Jesus M.E. Barber C. & F. Jouard
12. Live Thyself, Lord Jesus, Through Me Watchman Nee Emmelar
13. Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine Fanny J. Crosby Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp
14. Give Up the World, Christ to Obtain Witness Lee Anonymous
15. Since Thy Departure from Olivet's Mountain Watchman Nee Will L. Thompson

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