Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1972, The (vols. 1-3)


These messages were spoken in 1972 and are combined into a three-volume hardbound set. Many of these messages include existing publications as well as previously unpublished material.

Below is a list of many of the different section titles.

The * refer to previously unpublished titles.

Volume One

  • Christ as Life to Us for the Reality and Practicality of the Church *
  • Eating the Lord
  • Lord's Recovery of Eating, The
  • Four Men in the Bible, The
  • Living and Practical Way to Enjoy Christ, The
  • Life and Building as Portrayed in the Song of Songs
  • Miscellaneous Messages given to the Church in Los Angeles *
  • Preparing for the Lord's Return *
  • Kingdom as the Spreading of Christ, The *
  • Growth and Spread of Christ within Us for the Kingdom of God, The *

Volume Two

  • Kingdom, The

Volume Three

  • Life and Building in the Bible *
  • Consummation of God's Salvation, The
  • Enjoying the Riches of Christ to Become the Church as the Fullness of God *
  • Enjoying Christ as the Life-Giving Spirit for the Building Up of the Church *
  • Recovery of Enjoying Christ with His Riches for the Producing of the Church and the Keeping of the Oneness of the Spirit, The *
  • Recovery of Eating and Enjoying Christ for God's Building, The *
  • Christian Life and the Church Life in Galatians and Ephesians, The *
  • Eating Christ for the Building Up of the Church as His Body *
  • Migration in God's Move *
  • Greatest Prophecy in the Bible and Its Fulfillment, The
  • Enjoying Christ as the All-inclusive Spirit for the Practical, Genuine, and Real Church Life

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