Collected Works of Witness Lee, The (1978) Vol. 1 - 3

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These messages were spoken in 1978 and are combined into a three-volume hardbound set totaling over 1,800 pages. Many of these messages include existing publications as well as previously unpublished material.

Below is a list of many of the different section titles.

The * refer to previously unpublished titles.

Volume One

  • Experiencing Christ as Life and Being Constituted with the Truth of God's Building *
  • Fellowship with the Church in Anaheim *
  • The Exercise of the Kingdom for the Building of the Church
  • Fellowship with Serving Ones *
  • Bearing the Testimony of Jesus by Living a Crucified Life in Resurrection *
  • The Lord's Recovery of His Testimony *
  • Basic Training
  • The Experience of Christ
  • The Present Need Among the Churches in the Lord's Recovery *

Volume Two

  • Living Christ for the Lord's Recovery *
  • The Experience of Life and Oneness for the Lord's Recovery *
  • The Testimony and Way of Life in the Lord's Recovery *
  • Life Messages, vol. 1
  • Contacting Christ by Receiving the Word and Touching the Spirit in Order to Experience Christ's Death and Resurrection *
  • The Present Need in the Lord's Recovery *
  • Living, Growing, and Producing Christ as Branches in the Vine *
  • Crucial Principles for the Christian Life and the Church Life

Volume Three

  • The Vision in the Lord's Recovery—Christ as Life for the Church as His Body *
  • Crucial Principles for the Proper Church Life
  • Crucial Elements of God's Economy
  • The Healthy Word
  • The Recovery of Christ as Everything in the Church
  • Truth Messages
  • God's Economy to Obtain a Building in Spirit *
  • The Church Life in the New Creation *
  • Basic Principles concerning the Eldership
  • Crucial Revelations in the Epistle to the Ephesians *

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Witness Lee