Fellowship concerning Migration
  • Fellowship concerning Migration

Fellowship concerning Migration

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In September of 1964, Witness Lee gave a series of messages related to migrating for the spread of the Lord’s recovery. In these messages he fellowshipped regarding many things, including our need to be released from traditional concepts we may have received from Christianity, principles regarding how to migrate to another place, building up the local churches in the way of life, the training that is needed for the building up of the Body of Christ, and our need to see God’s economy.

“I have a deep burden for the Lord’s testimony in the United States. Although I still have a responsibility to the work in the Far East, I am confident that the Lord wants me to be here. My heart and every drop of my blood are absolutely for the Lord’s testimony here. I will do whatever I can by the Lord’s mercy to give you what I have learned of the Lord, but all I can do is help. The responsibility is on your shoulders. I hope that a number of you will be strengthened by the grace of God to rise up and take up your responsibility for God’s purpose.”


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