‘Lord…Thou Saidst’
  • ‘Lord…Thou Saidst’
  • ‘Lord…Thou Saidst’
  • ‘Lord…Thou Saidst’
  • ‘Lord…Thou Saidst’
  • ‘Lord…Thou Saidst’

‘Lord…Thou Saidst’

The Revelation of the Scriptures and the Testimony of Church History regarding the Intimate and Vital Relationship between God’s Word and Prayer

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In every age and in every generation, the Lord has had His faithful servants to receive Him, to love Him, to proclaim Him, and to follow His way. Such men have always been characterized by a personal relationship with the Lord, an insight into His Word, and the grace to speak forth His truth. It is evident that their usefulness, their vitality, and their insight issued directly from personal, consecrated times of handling God’s Word by prayer. As we read from their biographies, journals, letters, and writings, may we give ourselves freshly to times of “pray-reading” His holy Word.

“Let there be study of the Divine Word, mingled with prayer.” Jerome (340—420)

“Often have I found him [Martin Luther] weeping and praying for the whole church. He spent a part of almost every day reading the Psalms, with which he mingled his own supplications amid tears and groans.” Philip Melanchthon (1497—1560)

“It is also reasonable that the reading of the Holy Scripture be done with all prayer and groaning as well as praise and thanksgiving.” August Hermann Francke (1663—1727)

“My mind being now more open and enlarged, I began to read the Holy Scriptures upon my knees, laying aside all other books and praying over, if possible, every line and word.” George Whitefield (1714—1770)

“How blessed would the inner chamber be, what a power and an inspiration in our worship, if we only took God’s Word as from Himself, turning it into prayer.” Andrew Murray (1828—1917)

“It is great to study the Bible on your knees. It has been one of the rarest privileges of my life to read every chapter in the Bible and every verse in the Bible on my knees. And it is your privilege to do the same.” R. A. Torrey (1856—1928)


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