Collected Works of Witness Lee, The (1981) Vol. 1 - 2

Collected Works of Witness Lee, The (1981) Vol. 1 - 2



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These messages were spoken in 1981 and are combined into a two-volume hardbound set. Many of these messages include existing publications as well as previously unpublished material.

Below is a list of many of the different section titles.

The * refer to previously unpublished titles.

Volume One

  • Fellowship with Serving Ones *
  • Carrying Out the New Testament Ministry *
  • Various Lord's Day Meetings *
  • The Central Vision of Paul's Completing Ministry *
  • God's Eternal Intention and Satan's Counterplot
  • The World Situation and God's Move
  • Questions and Fellowship Concerning Full-Time Service *
  • Christ Becoming Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption to us in Our Daily Life *
  • Carrying Out God's New Testament Economy, Caring for the Central Vision of Paul's Completing Ministry and John's Mending Ministry, Migrating and Establishing Churches in the Move of the Body of Christ, and Awaiting the Revelation of Our Lord Jesus *
  • Fellowship with a Group of Young People *
  • Crucial Aspects of the Experience of Christ Revealed in Paul's Epistles *
  • The Great Mystery—Christ and the Church

Volume Two

  • The History and Revelation of the Lord's Recovery *
  • The Center of Paul's Completing Ministry *
Published byLiving Stream Ministry
AuthorWitness Lee

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