Selected Hymns

How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds - Hymns, #66

  1. How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds
        In a believer’s ear!
    It soothes his sorrow, heals his wounds,
        And drives away his fear.

    (Repeat the last two lines of each stanza)

  2. It makes the wounded spirit whole,
        And calms the troubled breast;
    ‘Tis manna to the hungry soul,
        And to the weary rest.

  3. Dear Name! the Rock on which we build;
        Our shield and hiding-place;
    Our never-failing treasury, filled
        With boundless stores of grace.

  4. Jesus, our Savior, Shepherd, Friend,
        Our Prophet, Priest, and King;
    Our Lord, our Life, our Way, our End,
        Accept the praise we bring.

  5. Weak is the effort of our heart,
        And cold our warmest thought;
    But when we see Thee as Thou art,
        We’ll praise Thee as we ought.

  6. Till then we would Thy love proclaim
        With every fleeting breath;
    And triumph in that blessed Name
        Which quells the pow’r of death.

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A Flowing River and a Tree - Hymns, #509

  1. A flowing river and a tree,
    Eden’s outstanding features are,
    Man to supply with food and drink
        That he may live fore’er.

        God is in Christ to be my supply,
        God as the Spirit nourisheth me;
        If upon Christ in spirit I feed,
            Filled with His life I’ll be.

  2. The tree the glorious Christ does show,
    As living food to man supplied,
    That he God’s riches may enjoy,
        Thus to be satisfied.

  3. The river does the Spirit show,
    Coming man’s spirit to supply,
    That with God’s riches he be filled,
        Holy to be thereby.

  4. The Christ of glory is my life,
    He as the Spirit lives in mine,
    That I with God be fully blent
        And in His image shine.

  5. I would exalt this glorious Christ,
    Ever the Spirit I’d obey,
    Making His glory fully known,
        Filled with His grace for aye.

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Pray to Fellowship with Jesus - Hymns, #784

  1. Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
        In the spirit seek His face;
    Ask and listen in His presence,
        Waiting in the secret place.

        Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
            In the spirit seek His face;
        Ask and listen in His presence,
            Waiting in the secret place.

  2. Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
        Fully opened from within,
    With thy face unveiled, beholding,
        Single, pure, and genuine.

  3. Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
        Seeking Him in confidence;
    Learn to touch Him as the Spirit,
        Looking up in reverence.

  4. Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
        Speaking nothing in pretense;
    Ask according to the spirit,
        Praying by the inner sense.

  5. Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
        List’ning earnestly to Him;
    Be impressed with His intentions,
        Yielding to Him from within.

  6. Pray to fellowship with Jesus,
        Bathing in His countenance;
    Saturated with His beauty,
        Radiate His excellence.

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The Church is Christ's Own Body - Hymns, #824

  1. The Church is Christ’s own Body,
        The Father’s dwelling-place,
    The gathering of the called ones,
        God blended with man’s race;
    Elect before creation,
        Redeemed by Calv’ry’s death,
    Her character and standing
        Of heaven, not of earth.

  2. New man of new creation,
        Born through her risen Lord,
    Baptized in God the Spirit,
        Made holy by His Word;
    Christ is her life and content,
        Himself her glorious Head;
    She has ascended with Him
        O’er all her foes to tread.

  3. Christ is her one foundation,
        None other man may lay;
    All that she has, as Christ, is
        Divine in every way;
    Her members through the Spirit
        Their death on Calv’ry own;
    They’re built in resurrection —
        Gold, silver, precious stone.

  4. One God, one Lord one Spirit —
        Her elements all one —
    One faith, one hope, one baptism,
        One Body in the Son;
    The triune God is in her,
        One Body members own,
    By faith they are united,
        In hope of glory shown.

  5. From every tribe and nation
        Do all the members come,
    Regardless of their classes
        United to be one.
    No high there is, nor lowly,
        No Jew, nor Gentile clan,
    No free, nor slave, nor master,
        But Christ, the “one new man.”

  6. One Body universal,
        One in each place expressed;
    Locality of dwelling
        Her only ground possessed;
    Administration local,
        Each answ’ring to the Lord;
    Communion universal,
        Upheld in one accord.

  7. Her local gatherings model
        The New Jerusalem;
    Its aspects and its details
        Must show in all of them.
    Christ is the Lamp that shineth,
        With God within, the Light;
    They are the lampstands bearing
        His glorious Image bright.

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Thou Art All My Life, Lord - Hymns, #841

  1. Thou art all my life, Lord,
        In me Thou dost live;
    With Thee all God’s fulness
        Thou to me dost give.
    By Thy holy nature
        I am sanctified,
    By Thy resurrection,
        Vict’ry is supplied.

  2. Now Thy flowing life, Lord,
        Doth enlighten me,
    Bringing in the spirit
        Fellowship with Thee;
    All my need supplying,
        Making Thy demand,
    Leading me to cleansing
        And in Thee to stand.

  3. Thy anointing Spirit
        Me shall permeate,
    All my soul and spirit
        Thou wouldst saturate;
    Every part transforming
        Till conformed to Thee,
    Till Thy life shall bring me
        To maturity.

  4. Lord, Thy life abundant,
        Flowing, rich and free,
    Constantly refreshes
        And empowers me.
    Death by life is swallowed,
        Weakness is made strong,
    All my bonds are broken,
        Gloom is turned to song.

  5. I would give myself, Lord,
        Fully unto Thee,
    That Thy heart’s desire
        Be fulfilled in me.
    I no more would struggle
        To myself reform,
    Thus in me to hinder
        What Thou wouldst perform.

  6. I would cease completely
        From my efforts vain,
    Let Thy life transform me,
        Full release to gain;
    Build me up with others
        Till in us Thou see
    Thy complete expression
        Glorifying Thee.

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