Ten Great Critical "Ones" for the Building Up of the Body of Christ, The

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In a series of messages given in 1995 to a gathering of elders and co-workers from throughout the world, Witness Lee spoke of the future of the Lord’s work of recovery and the responsibility that must be borne by those whom the Holy Spirit has placed as overseers to shepherd the flock of God. This responsibility, however, is not for the leading ones alone but must be borne by all who desire to participate in the Lord’s present move of building up the Body of Christ. As such, we all must see a vision of ten great critical “ones” in the divine revelation. The first five “ones” are the five basic factors in the Holy Scriptures—one Bible, one God, one Christ, one Spirit, and one life. These five factors produce five issues—one salvation, one living, one testimony, one Body, and one city, which is the one consummation. The Ten Great Critical “Ones” for the Building Up of the Body of Christ presents the proper scriptural knowledge concerning these ten precious truths. Such an understanding should become the basis of our Christian walk and ministry and should equip us to work with the Lord for the building up of His Body.


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