Vessels Useful to the Lord
  • Vessels Useful to the Lord

Vessels Useful to the Lord

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For those who would serve the Lord full-time, Witness Lee offers some practical fellowship concerning being useful for the work of the Lord’s recovery. Studying the truth, learning, being trained, and being filled in spirit are all matters of importance. All of that is to equip us to speak for the Lord.

“The most important thing that we who have given ourselves to work for the Lord can do is to speak for Him. Whether we are preaching the gospel, teaching the truth, ministering life, exhorting the believers, or building the church, we need to speak for the Lord. Hence, it is very important for a person who works for the Lord to study the Word.”

“As ones who have come out to serve full time, you should serve in the new way ordained by God. Do not think that to serve full time is to learn to stand on a platform and give messages. This concept is wrong. In the past we could not maintain the Lord’s Day meeting without someone giving a message. However, now we are not depending on you to give messages on the platform. Rather, we want you to contact people. If you are willing to spend five years to attend as many church meetings as possible and to learn to serve, using half of every day to learn the truth and the other half to work, then the future of the Lord’s recovery will definitely be bright.”


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